It’s time for an IT overhaul.

Manufacturers need strong IT partnerships and new operating models to be nimble enough to respond to constantly changing global demand.

IoT, Automation, and Analytics are all beginning to disrupt the industry. A strong planning and implementation partner can help manufacturers adopt effective IT strategies and control overall operating costs.

The next era of manufacturing will see leaders emerge who have heavily leveraged technology to maximize efficiency. CAI can help you gain that leverage.

of the US workforce is in manufacturing
of manufacturers report a shortage of qualified applicants

CAI's areas of focus

Digitization and IoT

Connected machines are becoming foundational to the industry. Manufacturers need help managing the oceans of data coming in from sensors and connected equipment to improve performance and create new revenue streams.


Human error remains a significant risk factor in many manufacturing sectors. While assembly-line automation has become commonplace, manufacturers also need to explore other repetitive processes that are candidates for efficiency improvement, from billing and back-office to order fulfillment.


The rapidly increasing volume of data available to manufacturers can be used for more than performance improvement. Predictive analytics solutions can help to project maintenance needs, more strategically anticipate demand, or change pricing and warranty models.

Application support

All of the technological advancements to the shop floor and back office still have to be managed and supported by your existing infrastructure. Decreasing the cost of application support and enhancing those platforms to support more technology integrations can keep operations nimble and responsive enough to meet changing demand.


The rapid pace of all of these enhancements and changes to the industry also puts manufacturers at a disadvantage when trying to identify and hire new talent. A technology partner with a strong shared services and staff augmentation model can help retailers alleviate the risks and challenges of constantly changing talent requirements.


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