High velocity software delivery.

Take your development and operations teams out of their silos.

Software development is not like working the Model T assembly line – highly specialized division of labor means more handoffs and more opportunity for error, not necessarily a better product. Today’s organizations need application deployment as quickly as possible, and cannot afford to sacrifice quality for speed: enter, DevOps.

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downtime cost for a Fortune1000 company

Break down traditional team barriers

DevOps unites development and operations teams while implementing technology stacks that allow all team members to perform all (or at least most) tasks. Today, you want for one person to deploy code and another person to provision your infrastructure. Tomorrow, individual engineers can complete end-to-end work and automate or eliminate the processes that have traditionally been too slow or too manual.

CAI’s DevOps practice can prepare your organization for a cultural transformation in IT. We can help you plan new workflows and select and implement toolsets that will empower your engineers to get more work done themselves, more quickly.

DevOps is a journey of small, incremental changes that lead to large-scale results. You don’t have to wait for a massive organizational transformation  you can get started today. Let CAI’s DevOps experts help you begin your journey to high-velocity delivery.

Why DevOps?


Methods like Continuous Delivery let your teams take ownership of their products and services to innovate faster and adapt to market demand as demand shifts.


Methods like Continuous Integration help you stay informed of performance in real-time and help teams to ensure changes are functional and reliable.


Automation is central to a DevOps culture, and server provision and configuration saves time and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.


DevOps models reduce inefficiencies through shared ownership – with the same team accountable for code and environment. Better code is written the first time.


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