Deliver continuously – and with better outcomes.

The digital era has accelerated the speed of business – and software delivery has to keep pace.

You need to facilitate rapid innovation, time to market, and customer-centricity – but this requires a cultural shift that inspires continuous improvement and gives teams the autonomy to reimagine their processes. We implement DevOps strategies that build on your agile transformation, support cultural change, and align with your business objectives – so you can get ahead of customers’ increasing demands.

CAI DevOps Solution bring business, development and operations teams together to streamline the delivery process, support organizational agility and reduce time to market. We help organizations build a DevOps culture that is empowered to create tangible change and scale digital innovations. Our automated feedback model allows companies to integrate and deliver continuously with dramatic and business-oriented results. No matter where you are today, we can help you prepare for, optimize and manage your DevOps journey.

Improve quality.

We bring together the capabilities needed to implement continuous delivery, including IT strategy, cloud expertise, deep industry knowledge, and large-scale application management. Even for companies that haven’t yet embarked on the DevOps journey, CAI can assess readiness, identify and mitigate obstacles, and design a detailed implementation roadmap to get you there. CAI helps organizations achieve agile transformation and integrate the people, process and tools that enable you to run at optimal speed and deliver quality results.

Reduce software delivery cycles.

As an organization makes the transformation to agile, it needs to leverage the latest in cloud computing, microservices and automation to help it increase throughput, speed release workflows and automate the DevOps delivery pipeline. CAI helps make sure the gears turn together, so the whole machine runs smoothly.

Accelerate your market response.

We create state-of-the-art technical architectures for DevOps practices that leverage automation and enterprise agility that support complex delivery across digital and enterprise applications. And we can help you take advantage of the cloud to manage your production and test workloads on demand across both private and public environments. Our DevOps Managed Service frees you from tool chain management, training requirements and ongoing monitoring so you can focus on innovation.

Success Story: Financial Services Firm

Traditional financial services firms are facing mounting pressure from new market entrants that can innovate and scale more quickly. When a traditional financial services firm acquired another, it saw an opportunity to make up for lost time. It needed to consolidate its data centers and migrate non-production environments into the cloud. Ultimately, it wanted to provide self-service infrastructure, so DevOps teams could conduct rapid releases.  

After CAI helped migrate the firms’ apps and data to the cloud, set up a continuous delivery pipeline, and put touchless deployments into production for static content, the company saw a reduction in the time to build, test and deploy by 15 percent. It also reduced errors during releases, streamlined discrepancies between the non-prod and prod environments and lowered production incidents. Being able to stop and start non-prod environments allowed it to reduce costs by 30 percent. And the real bottom line? It freed up IT to focus on new business initiatives.


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