Application Support Outsourcing

Stop worrying about a shrinking IT budget.

IT departments are being asked to do more than ever, often with shrinking budgets.

CAI’s Application Support Outsourcing practice provides clients with a proven approach to managing the challenges of decreasing budgets, talent shortages, and application support risks that stand in the way of innovation.

Keeping the lights on is expensive

The average company spends ⅔ of their IT budget keeping the lights on.

Day-to-day operations tie up your best people

Your best people provide the most value when they can be innovative, planning and building the applications and processes that will transform your business.

Start transforming your business

CAI can manage the burden of running IT while reducing the resource demand over time. Your best people can start growing and transforming the business.

CAI’s methodologies continue to focus our organization on increasing value by driving down fix and support work.

What makes CAI’s Application Support Outsourcing unique?

Our Legacy Application Support offering and accompanying methodology enable IT executives to identify non-strategic work trends, provide real-time comprehensive reports, and implement process-driven methods. These measures result in improved productivity and customer satisfaction, the ability to redeploy knowledge workers to more strategic tasks, and reduced application support costs.

CAI’s application support methodology and tools are continually updated, keeping pace with the evolving ITIL Service Management standards.

These best practice elements are used to continually improve the CAI team’s service performance to our customers. CAI’s methodology and service management tool are designed to provide complete visibility and control for all the facets of support and development tasks so that they can be properly planned, managed and delivered in accordance with the priorities and mutually agreed to SLAs.

Outcomes of CAI's ASO service


Total spend on application support will be decreased.

Increased capacity

Resource utilization will improve.

Reduced risk

IT’s commitments will be handled on time, on budget.

Improved business alignment

Visibility will improve credibility and motivate the business to work with IT.


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