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CAI’s Autism2Work initiative is a partnership between CAI, community outreach and autism support organizations, and forward-minded businesses interested in supporting meaningful workplace diversity.

Autism2Work provides workforce training and employment opportunities for adults who have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum. The program primarily supports semi-skilled to high functioning individuals who are eager to enter a work environment that values their contributions and supports their needs.

1 in 68
Americans diagnosed on the autism spectrum
underemployment rate among people on the autism spectrum
40% faster
visual problem-solving skills for individuals on the autism spectrum

About Autism2Work

With the Autism diagnosis rate being so high in the United States (1 in 68 Americans), it is imperative for companies to begin initiatives that incorporate this diversity into their workplaces. Each individual on the Autism Spectrum is incredibly unique and can be a huge asset to a company that provides an opportunity that fits their particular strengths and interests. The Autism2Work initiative provides businesses with the opportunity to partner with CAI through an established and proven program which results in a highly productive, inclusive work environment for those with disabilities who work in teams and alongside other employees.

CAI’s Autism2Work initiative allows our partners to implement a diversity program that is tailored to their culture and business needs which fully supports and is focused on the autistic community.

CAI has pioneered a recruiting, onboarding, and training model that bridges the gap between those on the Autism Spectrum and meaningful employment, ultimately bringing an untapped talent pool into the workplace for our clients. CAI manages the recruiting, selection, training, cultural integration, on the-job supervision, skill development, and performance management of autistic team members. We can support team members on the client site or host the work at one of CAI’s locations. This provides an opportunity for our clients to tap into this pool of talent quickly without the upfront investment or time constraints for implementation of the required support structure.

The application process

A supportive evaluation

Our process eliminates the traditional interview by replacing it with an extensive hands on evaluation session. This allows candidates to showcase their unique talents in a non-threatening and supportive environment, which is where many individuals on the autism spectrum tend to struggle to succeed.

Hands-on training

All team members attend our Job Readiness Training Program. This program is the vehicle for further assessing skills, competencies, fit, and opportunities for further growth. We utilize the highly regarded Lego Mindstorm™ Robot to provide hands-on training on Agile and Scrum Methodologies, and Software Testing, as well as scenario-based learning, focused on cultural and behavioral requirements.

Collaborative teams

Teams are comprised of both on-spectrum and off-spectrum associates. This supports the socialization, productivity, and development, which is critical for ongoing success in the workplace. CAI has skilled professionals on staff that provides support, coaching, and consultation to our teams and clients ensuring successful integration and program effectiveness.

Common Questions

We offer full-time and part-time positions depending on the location & project. We have roles including but not limited to; Data Analyst, Image Verifier, Quality Assurance Support Analyst, Operations Support Analyst, UAT Support Analyst, Junior Developer, and Business Support Analyst (scanning and indexing).

We require our candidates to have a high school diploma. Post-secondary education is preferred, but not required (some positions may require post-secondary education). We also look for an eagerness to work in applicants to the program.

Currently, we have active markets in Ohio, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida.

Every step of the way we seek to promote inclusion and support of our employees on the autism spectrum. Our process eliminates the traditional job interview which allows for a more relaxed environment for the candidate and CAI to evaluate skills and fit. All of our management and outreach teams have extensive training and are IBCCES certified.

We pride ourselves in our simple and supportive process here at CAI. To get started send your name, email address, phone number, and resume (if you have one) to


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