Improved ITSM Pays Dividends to the Business

A financial services company refines its ServiceNow® environment to improve system performance.


A multinational life insurance, pensions, and asset management company has an IT environment that includes 100,000 devices and five core enterprise applications. To better monitor these assets and maintain an updated configuration management database (CMDB), it needed to retire an outdated device discovery tool and implement the world-class IT service management tool ServiceNow. The company wanted to map application relationships dynamically so it could improve visibility into application-level relationship data and improve and shorten the troubleshooting process.


The company reached out to CAI to implement ServiceNow’s Discovery and Service Mapping modules so it could automatically scan IT infrastructure and update the CMDB daily. CAI developed a process to help employees adapt to the new discovery tools so they can access the most up-to-date discovery data and better assist with troubleshooting. CAI also mapped the five core applications with Service Mapping so the company could decrease its mean time to recovery (MTTR) and hosted train-the-trainer sessions to facilitate the ongoing support needed for the upgrade.


Today, the company leverages ServiceNow to execute application and device discovery in the same platform as its ITSM processes, blurring the line between each application process. This gives the company increased visibility into application-level discovery and relationships between devices and applications. With daily scans occurring on applications, engineers can now quickly see changes in configuration, ensure they align with the organization’s change management process and hold the teams accountable for process enforcement. Enforcement of the change management process helps the company avoid outages for un-scheduled changes. Not only has the company improved its visibility into application relationships, but it also anticipates a reduction in MTTR of nearly 30 percent.

30% Reduction in mean time to recovery
100K Devices
5 Critical Applications

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