State Taps Qualified Talent Pool

Public sector leaders look to CAI for a successful contingent workforce solution.


A state in the southeastern U.S. oversees multiple projects that rely on the contributions of IT contractors, but the contract vehicles were inefficient and produced inconsistent results. The process for onboarding new IT contractors was cumbersome, taking state personnel longer than needed. 

And while the local contingent workforce is growing, the state faced complex onboarding issues due to security concerns, and an absence of data that made spend increases hard to defend. It needed to shorten the lengthy hiring process and more easily identify, interview and onboard quality IT contract resources.


The state looked to CAI’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) IT Contingent Workforce Solutions to help it reduce costs, improve productivity and processes, and increase competition for IT services suppliers. The Contingent Workforce Solution supplies the state a local account team that does the work of qualifying job requisitions and releasing those requisitions to an approved supplier network. The goal is to increase submissions from qualified candidates and ease the burden on the state. 

CAI’s team then screens and qualifies those candidates, so the state sees only the most qualified applicants. CAI facilitates interviews, coordinating onboarding activities, and compliance management ahead of the selected candidate’s start date. On an ongoing basis, CAI’s state-of-the-art Vendor Management System captures timesheet entry and approval, streamlines monthly invoicing and supplier payments, and uses robust reporting capabilities to provide transparency into all facets of the program.


CAI’s use of a consistent, proven process and built-in quality measures means the state now can quickly identify and onboard qualified IT contract resources. The combination of an experienced on-site account management team, an automated web-based system, and a continuous improvement process enables the state, CAI, and third-party suppliers to work as a cohesive team to find qualified candidates for every need. The state has reduced costs, improved productivity, and increased competition for IT services suppliers. It also is successfully promoting disadvantaged businesses.

State leaders are seeing positive results from its new pool of highly qualified candidates. “I think CAI’s is the best state contract we have, and I am working to get our other groups on board. Our local CAI Contract Manager is fantastic – she always gets us great candidates!” –State agency leader

2,265 IT resources filled since 2015
726 IT resources filled in 2019
466 Active vendors in the network
218 Vendors placing qualified candidates

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