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Eight Best Practices for RPA Developers

by Kayla Cullen

As companies increasingly realize the benefits of automation, the need for robotic process automation (RPA) developers will continue to rise. There is already greater demand from business – currently more demand than supply – for developers trained in RPA programming. While expectations may differ from company to company, a handful of best practices are essential to the viability of the code. The following is a list of RPA development best practices that should be applied both vigorously and flexibly.

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AI is Everywhere. Should You Give a $!@%?

by Thomas Helfrich & Matt Peters

Do you ever worry that someone – or something – is pulling the strings on the tech giants and investors today? Perhaps an intelligent machine engineering its own world domination? The money pouring into development of artificial intelligence might suggest such a plot.

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Midnight Ramblings of a CTO: Ode To My New AI Baby

by Thomas Helfrich, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer

It’s the middle of the night; I cannot sleep.
My dear AI investment, you’re making me weep.

To bring you to life, I paid a hefty price.
Professionally speaking, you're a roll of the dice.

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Innovation: A Leap of Faith or Just a Lot of Hard Work?

by Thomas Helfrich, Chief Innovation Officer

Every time I hear the word innovation nowadays, I exercise the deepest emotional eye roll and feel the distinct urge to run toward the closest proverbial cliff. Occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised, but most of the time, the eye roll and cliff-jumping are justified.

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How to Think about Artificial Intelligence

by Matt Peters

We love metaphors. Our art and daily dialogue are full of them. They help us understand new and complicated ideas. Love is a battlefield. The truth is a hard pill to swallow. Life is a roller coaster.

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ALTR and CAI Team Up on Blockchain Security

July 20th, 2018

ALTR and CAI team up to offer enterprise-ready blockchain-based data-security platform as a managed service.

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The Bot Bother: Thinking Rationally about Automation

by Matt Peters

Many organizations today think of themselves as late-comers to the automation party if they don’t already have a raft of bots working around the clock in the back office. Like in any new market, there is a time for stepping out and a time for holding back.

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