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A sketch of a process workflow

RPA Exception Handling: Be in Control or Be Controlled

Robotic process automation (RPA) developers can configure automations to carry out specific tasks, keystroke by keystroke. Occasionally, a robot will encounter a situation it was not programmed to handle – and, in these cases, the robot stalls, perhaps for good reasons like security or access constraints, perhaps for not-so-good reasons like missing or incorrect data...

Illustration of a distressed professional thinking about overwhelming technology
Intelligent Automation

AI is Everywhere. Should You Give a $!@%?

Do you ever worry that someone – or something – is pulling the strings on the tech giants and investors today? Perhaps an intelligent machine engineering its own world domination? The money pouring into development of artificial intelligence might suggest such a plot.

Overhead view of highways with over and under passageways, with digital lines drawn over them

Transportation Takes the Tech Road

As technology continues to change the way we live and work, today’s enterprises face the challenge of discerning which investments are right for them. CAI is a solution-based, technology-agnostic business, which means we are not constrained by a catalogue of products, and we don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake. This allows us to meld together the best tools, services and processes to deliver the right solutions for our public and private clients. We bring innovative ideas to life!

Illustration of a professional running toward a cliff with images of innovation floating just beyond her reach

Innovation: A Leap of Faith or Just a lot of Hard Work?

Every time I hear the word innovation nowadays, I exercise the deepest emotional eye roll and feel the distinct urge to run toward the closest proverbial cliff. Occasionally, I am pleasantly surprised, but most of the time, the eye roll and cliff-jumping are justified.

Illustration of a person in distress looking on at an overgrown garden on fire

How to Think About Artificial Intelligence

We love metaphors. Our art and daily dialogue are full of them. They help us understand new and complicated ideas. Love is a battlefield. The truth is a hard pill to swallow. Life is a roller coaster.

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Press Release

ALTR and CAI Team Up on Blockchain Security

ALTR and CAI team up to offer enterprise-ready blockchain-based data-security platform as a managed service.

Image of two people in a conversation near a line of humanoid robots
Intelligent Automation

The Bot Bother: Thinking Rationally about Automation

Many organizations today think of themselves as late-comers to the automation party if they don’t already have a raft of bots working around the clock in the back office. Like in any new market, there is a time for stepping out and a time for holding back.

An overhead photo of food and goods collected for the summer drive on a table
CAI Cares

CAI Cares Lehigh Valley Supports Keystone Military Families

This summer the CAI Cares Lehigh Valley Chapter selected our summer drive to benefit Keystone Military Families “Care Packages to Soldiers”.

CAI Cares

Software Solution Helps Lehigh Valley Fight Crime

By working with CAI to develop the secure system, the County of Lehigh has revolutionized the way local law enforcement officials collect, share, and analyze data to solve crimes.

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