Much more than keeping the lights on.

Technological advances in energy efficiency and resource conservation are changing the landscape of the utility industry at an incredible pace.

As consumers become savvier about energy use patterns and self-administered power becomes more affordable, traditional utilities need innovative technology partners who can help them change their business as rapidly as possible to stay ahead of shifting demand.

The federal government’s decentralization of energy policies gives individual states more control to set agendas and creates more opportunities for power generation and delivery to innovate. The changes in business models also mean that the technologies utility companies use to manage, deliver, bill, and run the business will need to change as well.

Drive Innovation with Technology

Utility companies have to focus on what they know best, and a strong technology partner can help enable your organization to respond and deliver quickly and efficiently, getting the most out of your back-end applications and updating systems on-demand to stay ahead in a volatile industry.

  • Predictive Analytics: anticipating failure patterns in equipment or unusual load demand can help utilities deliver better service and get the most from their investments
  • IoT: location-aware technology can help utilities dramatically reduce technician field time and improve the efficiency of your field force
  • Automation: utility management is fraught with repetitive manual tasks, but process automation technologies can make you faster and more efficient

The utility industry is becoming more competitive every day. As policy and business models change, technology advancements will be at the heart of strategies that enable utility companies to survive and thrive. Find out how CAI can be the technology partner to keep you at the forefront.

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