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Reassessing workflows, processes, and resources in public finance

When is the last time you had a comprehensive review of all the processes and procedures that go into your day-to-day tasks? Monitoring, reassessing, and updating how you run your digital operations is critical to maximizing your IT investments. CAI can help you increase transparency so you can see where you are putting your resources, the results you’re getting, and how you can improve. Reimagining your operations will lead to better results without service interruptions or additional financial stresses.

Transforming Government

Tailored Government Methodology

You need a baseline of your current operations and the right KPIs to drive success. With a clear vision of your organization’s future and a proven process tailored to governmental financial services departments, we can help you close the gap between performance, spending, and operational visibility.

Expertise & Best Practices

Learning from other organizations accelerates your journey to your ideal state. Combine industry experience and best practices, and you have a winning formula. CAI helps public finance organizations shortcut the process to get results faster.

Systems Modernization

Most government organizations deploy systems from multiple generations of platforms. Legacy mainframe, client-server technology, and new webpage solutions work in the same environment delivering services to citizens. CAI works with you to evaluate your current state systems and create a path to citizen engagement.

Government Services

Application Managed Services

Reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your portfolio of applications. CAI delivers a methodology proven across government agencies to increase productivity and reduce the cost of operations.

PMO Services

CAI helps support your strategic portfolio management processes with experienced public finance professionals.

Managed Services

Get a highly skilled and flexible IT workforce that monitors and maintains security and stability for your systems and applications 24/7. We seamlessly support existing operations and fill any gaps in expertise to allow you to reduce the costs of delivering citizen services and develop new capabilities.

Service Desk

The service desk is a necessary part of any technology organization. CAI's service desk methodology helps organizations "Shift Left" or focus on resolving the first call. This improves first call resolution 90%+, reducing the cost of escalating to expensive resources.

Intelligent Automation

Improving your operations is more than a focus. Many of the most common issues and processes can be sourced through automation. Password resets, software access, and more don't need intervention from the service desk.

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