Supply Chain

Closing the supply chain loop

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Digital Process Improvement

Visibility across the supply chain

The future of the supply chain is visibility from order to delivery. Your clients and their customers expect to track their orders. Online retailers have blazed the trail, and shipping companies need to follow their lead. According to Gartner, supply chain organizations need to leverage AI and predictive analytics to improve efficiency. CAI can help drive innovation, improve current processes through automation, and eliminate redundancy in processes and systems to close the loop and improve customer experience.

Smart Digital Distribution

Artificial Intelligence Drives Efficiency

Supply chain organizations have an opportunity to improve efficiency by leveraging new tools, including artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, and machine learning. Transitioning from old-school route planning and logistics will pay dividends in the form of valuable insights and cost savings.

Process Improvement through Automation

Eliminating manual and redundant tasks in the fulfillment process can reduce delivery times, errors, and costs. If implemented correctly, automation drives cost out of the system and helps create the closed-loop process customers demand.

Improving Application Management

Many large organizations have redundant systems, processes, and resources. Eliminating redundancy and prioritizing system enhancements will reduce costs and free core resources to help you innovate. CAI clients see as much as a 40% improvement in the expense of maintaining and operating their systems.

Solutions for Closing the Loop

Application Managed Services

Supply chain organizations are littered with applications from every technology generation, from mainframes to web applications. Managing the inventory of applications is a heavy lift and takes a significant percentage of the budget. CAI works with companies to sort through and prioritize the application inventory to drive up to 40% savings.

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Facilitate agile development using state-of-the-art tools, processes, expertise and change management practices to help customers stay ahead of the rapid-fire pace of business.

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The ServiceNow® platform is the premier enterprise service management solution for IT, human resources, and other business operations. The platform gives organizations the ability to tailor the system, processes, and workflows to support their objectives. Let us help you realize the full value of the ServiceNow platform.

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Business Analytics

To keep pace with a hyper-competitive market, you must gauge your customers’ needs, track your supply chain in real time, and assess back-office productivity. A disciplined business analytics program can provide the insights you need to give customers what they want, create products that hit the right market at the right time, and continuously measure your output and its reception.

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Intelligent Automation

The technology and licensing landscape is constantly evolving. Let us help you orchestrate the right tools and methods for the job the first time. While we help companies build their own automation expertise, we can jump start early high-priority jobs and get results quickly.

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