The road to digitization starts with operations

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The Roadmap to Digital Manufacturing

Implementing new technologies for the factory of the future

The future of manufacturing is built on a connected ecosystem. To compete in a global market, legacy systems and mindsets must transform. New technologies, including advanced analytics, AI, hyper-automation, and the internet of things, require a retooling of people, processes, and systems. CAI helps organizations take a fresh look at these crucial factors, address the skills gap, and prioritize processes and systems for transformation on your road to creating the factory of the future.

Transitioning to the Factory of the Future

Hyper-rationalization of Operations

Existing manufacturing operations can inhibit digital transformation. Legacy systems, processes, and culture must morph to an approach that prioritizes enhancements, upgrades, and new applications. This shift enables core personnel and systems to focus on innovation and redirect maintenance and operations budgets. CAI clients achieve up to 40% improvement in operational efficiency.

Efficiency through Technology

Process improvement in the manufacturing industry has been driven by technology. Manufacturers are innovating on the assembly line, in just-in-time inventory, and with robotics on the shop floor. The opportunity for growth can be found with advanced analytics, AI, automation, and the internet of things. The factory of the future delivers transparency throughout the manufacturing process while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Finding the Right Skills

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturers is finding the right skills and institutional knowledge to implement new technologies. Manufacturers must free up core resources with knowledge of the existing processes, techniques, and systems to partner with people who have the right skills. It's a matter of identifying operational issues and skills gaps today to start reaping the productivity and cost benefits of innovation.

Solutions for Manufacturers

Business Analytics

To keep pace with a hyper-competitive market, you must gauge your customers’ needs, track your supply chain in real time, and assess back-office productivity. A disciplined business analytics program can provide the insights you need to give customers what they want, create products that hit the right market at the right time, and continuously measure your output and its reception.

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Artificial Intelligence

Analytics and artificial intelligence are game-changing technologies. Manufacturing and supply chain companies see the potential of predictive analytics and AI but lack the skills and experience to see their full value.

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Application Managed Services

Manufacturers are littered with applications from every technology generation, from mainframes to web applications. Managing the inventory of applications is a heavy lift and takes a significant percentage of the budget. CAI works with companies to sort through and prioritize the application inventory to drive up to 40% savings.

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Service Desk

The service desk is a necessary part of any technology organization and is the face of IT. CAI's service desk methodology helps organizations "shift left" to focus on resolving the first call. This improves first-call resolution by more than 90% and reduces the cost of escalating to expensive resources.

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Intelligent Automation

Automation is not new for manufacturers. But the technology is quickly evolving to take on more manual workloads, expanding your ability to reduce costs and increase velocity. AI-driven RPA is enabling organizations to model processes with decision-based algorithms.

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