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Opportunity Knocks for Chemical & Process Manufacturers

Digital innovation drives efficiency and new ideas

In a time of increasing global competition, chemical and process manufacturing companies are looking for opportunities to discover efficiencies, cost savings, and, more importantly, revenue opportunities. Digital innovations are delivering insights through artificial intelligence, eliminating manual processes through automation, and improving customer experience through data analytics. CAI can help you seize opportunities by applying simple digital actions that produce significant results.

The Digital Polymer

Start Simple to Drive Efficiency

Many chemical and process manufacturing companies are burdened by legacy systems, processes, and mindsets. Competing in a global marketplace requires new thinking to identify opportunities to drive efficiency, innovation, and new capabilities. CAI clients can increase productivity by up to 40% through rigorous prioritization and a reduction in cost for maintenance and operations.

Opportunities via Innovation

Artificial intelligence can identify opportunities and insights for new solutions, products, and markets. Hyper-automation eliminates manual processes, reduces costs and improves speed and accuracy. Each improvement incrementally enhances your competitive position and builds momentum for change.

Bridging the Resource Gap

Your collective intelligence is trapped in legacy systems, and essential resources are unable to support innovation. According to PWC, more than half of CEOs are concerned a skills gap will keep them from innovating. CAI helps you unlock your collective intelligence and deliver the resources you need to implement the latest ideas and technologies.

Ingredients for Growth

Intelligent Automation

The technology and licensing landscape is constantly evolving. Let us help you orchestrate the right tools and methods for the job the first time. While we help companies build their own automation expertise, we can jump start early high-priority jobs and get results quickly.

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Shorten your software delivery lifecycle by 25 percent or more – and free up your teams for innovation. We offer a disciplined approach to facilitate agile development, using state-of-the-art tools, processes, expertise and change management practices to help customers stay ahead of the rapid-fire pace of business.

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Business Analytics

To keep pace with a hyper-competitive market, you must gauge your customers’ needs, track your supply chain in real time, and assess back-office productivity. A disciplined business analytics program can provide the insights you need to give customers what they want, create products that hit the right market at the right time, and continuously measure your output and its reception.

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The ServiceNow® platform is the premier enterprise service management solution for IT, human resources, and other important business operations. The platform is flexible and gives organizations the ability to tailor the system, processes, and workflows to support their objectives. CAI is an Elite ServiceNow Partner helping clients realize the full value of the platform.

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Application Managed Services

Chemical and process manufacturing organizations are littered with applications from every technology generation, from mainframes to web applications. Managing the inventory of applications is a heavy lift and takes a significant percentage of the budget. CAI works with companies to sort through and prioritize the application inventory to drive up to 40% savings.

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