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A Prescription for Healthcare Transformation

The cost and quality of healthcare are in the spotlight. In the coming decade, improving efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness is fundamental for healthcare organizations to succeed. As pressure continues to mount, the healthcare industry must embrace strategies to support digitization, AI-driven analytics, value-based purchasing, and improved operational efficiency.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare organizations are challenged to deliver quality care with pressure to reduce costs while protecting patients' medical history. Their jobs are transforming to include technology. Managing the growing inventory of applications is a challenge, let alone implementing new technology, including AI, IoT, analytics, and automation.

CAI helps healthcare organizations improve business and IT efficiency, simplify the management of applications, and realize the potential of new technology.

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Healthcare Insurers

The cost of healthcare is a public hot button. Insurers are struggling to balance patient claims while protecting the bottom line. Medical prices rose 6% in 2020 after two flat years*. Innovation can help improve transparency, augment and simplify processing, and contain costs. But new entrants and the modernization of core systems are challenging the digital eco-system.

CAI partners with insurers to provide strategic planning and digitization services that will reduce cost, improve transparency, and protect the bottom line.

*PWC 2019

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Government & Human Services

State and Local Health & Human Services (HHS) agencies deliver vital services within their communities every day. They partner with providers and payers to ensure access to high-quality care and services that lead to meaningful outcomes for individuals and families. Policy and technological advances are transforming the HHS landscape - increasing transparency of services, improving business efficiencies, and yielding lower-cost options.

CAI offers program and policy support, business and digital transformation, strategic planning, and implementation services that assist our partners in achieving their mission and vision.

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Highlighted Healthcare Success


Reviving the Health of the Service Desk

A managed care organization improves its service desk so it can serve more people. A fresh look at staffing and processes at the service desk saved a mission-driven managed care organization millions of precious dollars.

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Success Story

Social Services Network Improves Care

CAI helps Delaware create a treatment and referral network to streamline behavioral health and substance abuse referrals. Today, it works with 111 participating locations and handles approximately 2,000 referrals a month.

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Highmark Improves Diversity and Productivity with CAI's Autism2Work Program

"Some people view my autism as a weakness," says Sean, "but CAI sees it as a strength. The way A2W is utilizing my strengths is really helping me be more confident in my own skills and my future. It has given me a chance to prove myself."

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The Digital Healthcare Eco-system

Refocusing on Quality of Care

Artificial Intelligence is leading to streamlined business processes, allowing for the timely delivery of services and access to data trends for providers and insurers. As a result, they are shifting towards innovation with AI-driven chatbots (54%, according to Accenture) to help manage their budgets. Healthcare organizations need to embrace technology to align with evolving changes in the areas of telehealth, telemedicine, and digital prescriptions to deliver high-quality care at affordable costs.

Efficiency and Digital Advantage

Cost pressure is pushing the healthcare industry to get "operationally fit" and leverage digital to their advantage. New service delivery options like retail locations, telemedicine, and virtual health are changing the landscape. Patients want digital access to their information with implied security to protect their data. Healthcare organizations across the board need to tighten their belts to support lower costs with greater access.

Streamline Oversight and Transparency

The healthcare ecosystem is struggling to provide the oversight and transparency patients, providers, insurers, and government require. The communications are stuck at the lowest common denominator, and secure access to information is a top priority. For healthcare organizations to succeed, they need to embrace digital transformation to provide the required information across the ecosystem.

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