Retail Banking

Delivering an exceptional customer experience requires a balance of innovative thinking and operational efficiency.

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Savvy Customers Demand Convenient Banking Experiences

Personalize the customer experience to accelerate adoption and drive new revenue.

Customers seek convenience to be able to perform any financial transaction, at any time on the right device. Depending on preferences, they are either looking to do more on mobile, like online payments and transfers–or others looking for a more personal banking experience, like applying for a loan or mortgages. Customers have many banking options delivering excellent user experience and AI-driven targeting, so your mobile experience needs to be personalized, flexible, and digitally savvy to make the cut. CAI helps banks implement AI, machine learning, and analytics along with hyper-automation. We assess your current systems to identify opportunities to reduce risk and improve operational efficiency–as much as 40%–by funneling budget and critical resources to create new customer-focused projects. Optimizing security and efficiency first will allow you to focus on gathering the right data and analytics to build personalized products and services.

Moving to Smart Digital

AI to Target New Customers

AI is changing customers' expectations. They want faster service and are warming up to AI-driven chatbots to help them manage their budgets. Banks that can identify and target credit-worthy customers when they are ready to borrow will improve their bottom line.

CAI helps banks define their AI initiatives to deliver improved customer intelligence and prepare for the future of digital banking.

Hyper-automation Drives Savings

Automation and RPA are not new technologies–many companies have some form implemented today. But hyper-automation streamlines processes that formerly could not be automated, driving cost out of the system. Gartner projects hyper-automation can drive an 18% cost reduction. And the savings from operational improvements fuel additional innovation projects, accelerating your transformation.

CAI helps organizations deploy hyper-automation to reduce manual processes, eliminate redundancy, and increase operational velocity.

The Roadmap for Operational Improvement

Digital transformation is the buzzword for the banking industry. But most of the buzz focuses on the "what" instead of the "how," making it hard to know where to start. Redirecting your operations and maintenance budget is the best funding source for innovation initiatives, but not at the expense of your operations.

At CAI, we help companies design a practical roadmap to increase operational efficiency by up to 40% and improve service desk performance 10% higher than the industry average. We are crazy about efficiency; we can help you balance innovation with operational improvement initiatives and budgets.

Digitization Solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Analytics and artificial intelligence are game-changing technologies. Financial services companies see the potential of predictive analytics and AI but lack the skills and experience to see their full value.

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Intelligent Automation

Many retail banks use automation. The technology is quickly evolving to take on more manual workloads, expanding your ability to reduce costs and increase velocity. AI-driven RPA is enabling organizations to model processes with decision-based algorithms.

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Service Desk

The service desk is a necessary part of any technology organization and is the face of IT. CAI's service desk methodology helps organizations "shift left" to focus on resolving the first call. This improves first-call resolution by more than 90% and reduces the cost of escalating to expensive resources.

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Application Managed Services

Retail banks are littered with applications from every technology generation, from mainframes to web applications. Managing the inventory of applications is a heavy lift and takes a significant percentage of the budget. CAI works with companies to sort through and prioritize the application inventory to drive up to 40% savings.

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