Simplify Digital Payment Offerings with AI to Stay a Step Ahead of the Competition

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Digitization as a Payment Advantage

Growing capabilities to capture market share as customers adopt digital payments.

Digital commerce continues to grow at approximately 12.4%, according to Gartner. Only a quarter of customers in the U.S. have adopted mobile digital payments compared to 45% of their global counterparts. New entrants in the payments market challenge traditional payment models by offering simple and user-friendly digital options. Now is the time to act. Assess your current payment offerings, use data to inform enhancements, and implement new and improved digital options to retain and grow your customer base. CAI can help you get there with predictive analytics and AI tools, proven methods for reducing risk, and operational improvements to achieve maximum efficiency.

Enhance Your Digital Prospects

Predict Your Customer Adoption

Customers adopt new technology at variable rates, and digital payments are no different. Understanding customer buying and usage patterns puts your organization in the customers' line of sight when they are ready to adopt. Predictive analytics and AI help organizations improve their digital probability to provide the right offer at the right time to win over new customers.

CAI works with payment organizations to develop solutions to simplify the digital experience and pinpoint customers ready to adopt your company as their payment standard.

Spotting Fraud and Vulnerabilities, Reducing Risk

Customers expect robust security when processing digital payments. Managing cybersecurity and identifying potential fraud are some of the most important actions for driving customer adoption. New technologies like AI and hyper-automation add a layer of protection, enabling the analysis of large transaction systems to spot suspicious activity.

CAI helps payment companies develop solutions to analyze their core systems and eliminate manual processes to minimize opportunities for internal fraud.

Streamlining the Process

Many bank and payment processing organizations struggle to improve their operational efficiency. Organizations are "set in their ways," and there is never enough time or budget to address known operational challenges. Organizations have adopted agile development principles, but many don't tie application updates and new capabilities to business value, muddying the waters.

CAI streamlines operational processes and connects new development to prioritized business value. Tying development to value ensures teams are working on the right capabilities to support business objectives.

Solutions to Help Digital Payments Organizations

Artificial Intelligence

Identify new potential customers by leveraging AI and machine learning to increase revenue and profitability. Payment companies are becoming more proactive in micro-targeting new potential buyers and buying patterns.

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Leverage a new resource pool and improve efficiency by 20-40%.

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Intelligent Automation

Improve operational efficiency by reducing manual and repetitive tasks and improving accuracy and customer service availability.

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Application Managed Services

Payment companies are littered with applications from every technology generation, from mainframes to web applications. Managing the inventory of applications is a heavy lift and takes a significant percentage of the budget. CAI works with companies to sort through and prioritize the application inventory and drive up to 40% savings.

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