Leveraging Existing Tech and Talent

The Value of a Reuse Strategy

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Efficiency is Planned, Not an Accident

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One of our core strategies is to develop intellectual property in a reusable form. Starting from scratch is costly and adds risk. Our development methodology packages our technologies to enable the IP to shift from process to process and from client to client. We can assemble solutions faster - which is a crucial differentiator for why organizations come to CAI.

Examples of the CAI Library

Artificial Intelligence Is an Avid Reader

Most organizations generate and consume large volumes of documentation. Whether the documents are contracts, technical specifications, or other forms, people can't read and evaluate documents promptly. CAI developed an AI algorithm designed to consume, find, and assess large volumes of text, including diagrams. We help you leverage technology and find insight.

Process Bots

Organizations have many manual processes. Manual entries introduce errors, are slow, inefficient, and expensive. CAI developed process bots to eliminate manual processes, improve speed, and increase accuracy. They reduce costs, improve quality, and make 24/7 service available without extra expense.

Virtual Assistance and Chatbots

Our help desk virtual assistants and chatbots help our clients shift from focusing on first-call resolution to assisted self-service. The best call a service desk takes is the one that never happens. We successfully automate everyday tasks, including password reset and security setup, to help organizations increase speed and accuracy.

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