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Partnering with top technologies to solve challenges

Having the right partners is essential, but picking the right technology to solve the challenge is paramount. At CAI, we work with many of the best technology companies in the intelligent automation market. They deliver excellent capabilities, and we identify and combine solutions along with our IP to develop a cost-effective solution. We focus on building a long-term relationship with our clients, not short-term gains.

The Portfolio of CAI Partners and IP

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is a staple technology enabling organizations to automate simple to complex processes. The category of tools has matured from traditional desktop automation to enterprise solutions that manage complex processes. UiPath and Blue Prism deliver the best-in-class RPA solutions to save our clients time and money.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence drives the future of computing and process automation. Bots and processes that learn and evolve are revolutionizing how transactions are managed. CAI is leveraging AI to help expedite the evaluation of large volumes of text, manage process variations, and much more. Microsoft, Amazon, Astound, Rain Bird, and other AI technologies deliver automation frameworks to streamline and automate decision-making across all segments of your organization. Our teams use one or many providers to build the most cost-efficient solution.

The CAI Intelligent Automation Library

Through our intelligent automation engagement, we have developed a library of reusable components. These objects accelerate new projects and reduce the time to completion and value. Starting from scratch is costly and risky. We work to leverage our engagements to advance our client's new initiatives.

Tried and True Solutions

Not every automation candidate requires the latest and greatest tools to deliver the highest value with the lowest cost of ownership. CAI's process identification methods seek out all automation opportunities, but not every problem is a nail, and not every solution is a hammer. Our consultants are trained to identify the most ideal solutions. You may have huge savings opportunities at hand with a simple API call or Excel macro. We find for you.

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