Contingent Workforce Recruitment & Account Management

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Simplify Your Recruitment & Account Management Processes

Find talented IT professionals within a diverse pool of contingent workers who are dedicated to your success.

CAI makes recruitment and account management of contingent workers simple, easy, and affordable. We carefully select experienced team members from a broad range of specialties who are equipped and driven to excel for projects of any length. No matter the size of your organization or team, the scope of your project, or the depth of your recruiting and account management needs, CAI finds the perfect IT specialists to help you achieve your goals.

Contingent Workforce Recruitment & Account Management with CAI

Eliminate the Risks of Misclassifying Contingent Workers

CAI handles contingent worker classification to eliminate the unnecessary risks of tax liability, wage and hour violations, injury and workers’ compensation claims benefits liability, and FMLA violations. Our CWS account management solutions protect organizations of all sizes from insurance benefits disqualifications, OSHA liabilities, tax penalties, and more.

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Flexible Staffing

Contingent workers offer complete flexibility in maintaining and adjusting staffing levels. CAI works with you directly to understand your needs, handles the entire recruitment process from start to finish.

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