Contingent Workforce Data Analytics Reporting

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Smart Analytics, Transparent Reporting, & Actionable Insights

Streamline recruitment, invoicing, and payroll while increasing flexibility and reducing costs.

CWS brings significant value to your agency in a variety of ways, enabling hiring on a project-by-project basis, rapid scalability, providing access to the best talent in your industry, and creating an agile, dedicated, and specialized workforce that is always available on demand. With detailed data analytics and reporting, you can easily track your ROI from requisition, to start date, to immediate performance.

Make Smarter Choices Faster

CWS data analytics reporting allows you to make better-informed choices on recruiting, staffing, and employment decisions. Clear and intelligent data gathering combined with extensive industry experience speeds up the entire process of employee requisition, recruiting, hiring, orientation, and training by up to 20%.

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Loyal, Productive Team Members for Any Project

So often, employers express concern that independent contractors, freelancers, and other contingent workers don’t have the same level of dedication that a full-time employee has. CAI’s data analytics reporting gives you the confidence that you’re working with the right professionals. Clear reporting makes it easy to see the efficiency, productivity, and savings that come with our dedicated pool of talented workers.

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