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A2W has developed a process that removes the barriers to employment for individuals diagnosed with ASD. We replace the traditional interview process with an extensive hands-on evaluation, so candidates can showcase their talents in a supportive environment. Specially trained recruiters carefully match candidate talents with employer needs to ensure integration and provide support for ongoing success.

The A2W Recruiting and Training Process

Get to know us

Attend an A2W "Meet & Greet" session in your area for an introduction to the A2W program, recruiting and training processes and to learn more about current job openings. Complete hands-on exercises instead of a traditional job interview.

Prepare for success

Attend A2W's Job Readiness Training, a 60-hour workforce development training and competency assessment designed to prepare candidates to be successful in the work environment. After successful completion, candidates can become eligible for an offer of employment from CAI.

Keep learning

A2W team members receive continuous skill development, workplace support, mentorship, and cultural integration in the work environment. Our process helps team members share their gifts in a supportive work culture and launch a meaningful career in IT or business operations.

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