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Increase Throughput, Enable Innovation

Agile Transformation

CAI’s Agile Transformation solution enables organizations with the tools required for the digital revolution by focusing on agile lean principles. Using our proven transformation model, we are able to decrease software delivery life cycles by a 25% or more, and create more time for innovation.

  • Predictable Delivery & Increased Speed to Market
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Increased Profitability

Agile Transformation

Industries continue to validate that traditional software development, such as Waterfall is the leading cause in 80% of failed software projects. Implementing a Agile methodology enables quicker feedback and greater throughput. Our seasoned Agile experts set the foundation, address culture challenges and roadmap that enable a successful Agile journey for the business and IT. successful Agile journey for the business and IT.
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Maturity Roadmap
  • Product Management
  • Business Transformation

Education and Training

Agile education is necessary for a successful journey and often organizations neglect to train IT teams and educate the business on the benefits of Agile delivery. Our unique approach is Agile process training that includes aligning the business and product management with our Agile Delivery Model. Our training inludes:
  • Business Education on the Value
  • Team Education
  • Customized Education
  • Agile Coaching

Agile Portfolio Management

Developing a small product is a great place to start and become seasoned in Agile delivery. The challenge occurs when you have to integrate multiple products or components. The complexity increases 100x and puts tremendous pressure on your organization. Our team consists of certified Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) experts that deliver exterprise Portfolio Management and coaching.
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Management
  • Agile Product Management
  • Monitoring and Metrics
  • Agile Portfolio Coaching

Agile Development

Agile practices will reduce delivery times and allow for earlier customer feedback. However, re-engineering an agile architecture utilizing modern technologies like micro services will exponentially increase throughput and enable customer innovation. Our agile development teams expertise services include:
  • Architect Design
  • New Software Development
  • Application Reengineering
  • Development Automation

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